Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sleeping In

This morning I got to sleep in. The girl must not have had to work, because after Dad and Mom left for work, I was able to go back to bed. I could tell she really wanted me to sleep with her, she kept calling my name really loudly whenever I would bark at the neighbors. So I jumped right up into bed with her and gave her one of my best good morning kisses! Right in the Face! Everyone loves my kisses! Then I pushed everyone else out of the way and cuddled right up on top of her head to keep her warm. Everyone knows that most of your body heat escapes out of your head and I wanted to make sure she was nice and warm. :-) I can just bet that she hopes I get to go back to bed with her again tomorrow!


trophyguy said...


R said...

Tomorrow Morning you get to have me sleep with you! Want me to keep your head warm too?!

trophyguy said...

surely. keep your breath outta my face