Thursday, January 31, 2008

$92 worth of Dog Food

Ok, let's talk about this. If you have been reading my stories, then you know Sam has been sick. What I don't get is why Mom and Dad spend so much money on him? Don't they realize that no matter how much money they spend, he is still going to eat dog poop! (And cat poop too if he can get to it before me!) So I heard them talking how they spent $92 on Sam's food and it is only going to last him 2 weeks!!! Now, I want to know this, when they buy presents for the boy and girl, they make sure the spend about the same amount of money...does that mean I have $92 worth of bones in my future??? That would be awesome!!!
But seriuosly, if the food helps Sam to feel better, I guess it will be worth it. He really is fun to wrestle with, although I kind of like the fact that lately, he is a "lightweight"!


Anonymous said...

Oh it's money well spent in my humble opinion! (But then again I once spent over $2,500 to keep my cat alive when the Vets couldn't tell me why he was throwing up blood and that they didn't know what was wrong with him. So that was $2,500 worth of "let's wait and see!" Yipee!!)

But hey...he's alive, fat, obnoxious and going on 12 years old! So it worked.

I sure do hope that Sam starts to feel better soon and that maybe Rusty and the others get a little something special too. You know, like a piece of dry kibble or some dry bread crusts. It's only fair (and affordable), right? ;-)

R said...

It is money well spent in our opinion...the others will definitely earn an extra treat of some kind. And we think it is money well spent too. I just can't imagine not doing everything possible to make sure our animals live long, happy lives. I definitely understand the 'let's wait and see' We did that with our "Katie" cat and she ended up losing one eye, but still is our most loveable (she is the one that lays on the couch and cleans all the dogs) cat and I would never think there was a penny wasted.