Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lazy Sunday Afternoons

There is nothing like a lazy Sunday afternoon. You get to race around and wrestle with your brothers and sisters, go outside to play for a while and then curl up with Mom and Dad when they finally sit down. Lucie is in one of her moods, she just keeps trying to curl up with Mom cuz she thinks Mom is going to protect her! No way! I know she is really just playing hard to get and so I make sure to chase her right of Mom's lap and then we can run around and around and around the house. I think Mom and Dad really like it when we do that, cuz they are always shouting and cheering us on! Then Sadie starts to bark and I think she is telling us to go faster! So, of course, we go faster! Then Sam starts to join in and we really get the fur flying! It is so funny to watch him run into the table after we run under it! :-) Mom and Dad don't know that we do that on purpose!!! But Sam's a good kid, he is still under the weather, but he is lucky cuz he gets fed special now, some kind of juicy canned food that I can't seem to sneak in and grab when Dad gives it to him. But I am working on it. Betcha I will get it next time! Enjoy your Sunday!

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