Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sam's Problems

I overheard Dad and Mom talking. Sam has something called E-Coli??? I don't really know what that means, but they sounded like it was pretty bad. After all this time that Sam has been sick, I guess they finally know what is wrong with him. He got so skinny! But, I have to admit that it really didn't slow him down any. He is still a pretty good wrestler, as you can tell from the video on my last blog!!! :-) He has to take more medicine, but they tell me he is going to be OK in no time at all! I sure hope so, it isn't much fun wrestling with him when you can feel every one of his bones...I can't wait to have my brother back in shape! I have great games planned for us! :-D


trophyguy said...


Anonymous said...

Yah, that's probably a good suggestion.

::::::dry heaves:::::::

I hope Sam will be ok though. I don't know what the treatment entails, but I hope he'll be good as new and poo virus free in no time!!

Moto sends fellow (Belgian) shepherd "Heal Fast" vibes to his brother breed. Ok that only makes sense if Sam is the (German) Shepherd, he is right?

R said...

Yes, he is the shepherd...and he can feel the vibes...He told me so. He also said he would need to to to PEA (Poop Eaters Anonymous) for help in stopping the habit


Anonymous said...

How is Poo Breath doing? All kidding aside, I do hope that Sam's recovery is swift and he puts some weight back on.

R said...

He seems to be doing OK. He finished his medicine today and hopefully his stomach will settle down now because it was a pretty strong antibiotic. I will post about him in a couple days to let you guys know! Thanks! :-)

trophyguy said...

Can we buy $92.00 worth of food again PLEASE?