Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Boy

The boy is playing drums! I love when he plays drums. I can lay on the floor and my belly shakes (plus other things I won't mention here)! It is a blast! Dad seems to like the song he is playing. I do too. Sounds like 'Tom Sawyer' by Rush. He is a really good drummer. I don't think Lucie likes it though, cuz she is hiding her head under Mom's leg.

Mom and Dad went to watch the boy play volleyball tonight. I don't really know what volleyball is, but the boy really likes it. I know they use a BIG white ball and I heard them talking about how the boy hit the ball so hard, he hurt one of the other players. They were laughing and talking about how tall the boy is and that helps him hit it over something called a net. I guess he can jump up and hit it over the net so hard that the other kids were backing away. That sounds like a blast! I wish I could play volleyball. I think I will ask Mom and Dad if I can go to the next game. I bet I am tall enough!


Anonymous said...

Maybe with some little doggy stilts Rusty, you'd be tall enough. Not trying to dis you or anything, I swear! Don't bite my ankles ;-)

R said...

Thanks! I think I could play too! I am the best at everything I do, so I bet I could hit it hard enough to scare the other team!

Thanks for stopping in :-)