Monday, January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King Day!

Ok, so I really don't know what Martin Luther King Day is, but I do know that Mom and the boy both got to stay home with me today :-) Poor Dad had to go to work :-( Anytime I get extra company, besides my sister Lucie of course, is a good day to me. I have been keeping an eye on everyone for Mom today. She won't have to worry about anything with me on guard. I chased the squirrels away this morning, made sure Oreo didn't come wandering around and bugging anyone, slept on the blanket that Lucie warmed up for me and barked as the snowmobilers drove by. I also made sure that no one got too warm laying in the sun for too long. Wouldn't want them to get a sunburn!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I got to play in the snow again! That is my favorite! Mom took pictures for me to share with all of you...Enjoy! :-D

Me and Sam Wrestling Today


Anonymous said...

Wow at the end there I thought Sam and Rusty were going to need to "get a room" ;-)

That just cracks me up how the littlest dog certainly seems to control the bigger one(s). Heh.

I really (REALLY!) want to get a dog for our Spaz to play with but I'm having the hardest time convincing the Hubs we need to have 7 animals in the house. I don't know why it's so difficult for him to comprehend!

I love the snow shots! So cute :-)

Anonymous said...

If you really want another dog, do what I did. Just bring it home for the weekend for a "trial run" Trophyguy can never turn an animal away once it has come into the house! They are way too cute! That's how Rusty came to live with us. A woman brought him to work because her older dog was being mean to, softees that we are, we brought him home just to give him a break for the weekend, and he never went back!

Anonymous said...

See the difference there is that Trophyguy actually has a heart.

The Hubs...not so much ;-)

Every time I see a stray dog running on the streets I stop my car & get out (never mind if I get hit by a car) to try and get the dog's information so I can call the owner. Oh man, does he EVER pitch a fit about that. I'd like to think it's because he's worried I'll be flattened by a speeding car, but I think it has more to do with not wanting to be late to wherever we're going or something. Pfft.

The few times I've had to bring the dog to our house while I tried to get a hold of the owner, he'd tell me no less than 2,487 times that we can't keep the dog. DUH! He/she HAS a owner...I don't steal dogs ya big doofus! I'm not *that* desperate. Heh.