Saturday, November 3, 2007

Welcome To My Blog!

My name is Rusty and they call me Rah Rah. I am a bossy little thing and I live with 3 other dogs, 4 cats and a Rabbit. I love to bark at everything and nothing! I tend to get in a little bit of trouble and can't wait to share my adventures with you!

Here I lay, all curled up on my blanket. What a great day today was! Got up a little late, went outside to pee and barked just enough to annoy my owners! Then I ate breakfast and went back to bed with my mom for a little while! Ah, the life! Dad left for work and mom just straightened up the house and stuff. Got to play outside and chase my big sister around while the old dog went and got her haircut! At least she wasn’t around to yell at me! I just love barking at everyone! My owners think I don’t know what I am barking at, but don’t you worry! I know exactly what I am doing! Annoying them and bossing the other dogs around. I tell them exactly what I want when I bark and they do it just to shut me up! I Told you I know what I am doing! But now, after dinner, just sitting and relaxing, chasing that stuck up black and white cat, I am content to just lie here by my dad and let everyone do their thing and listen to “the boy” play his drums. Love the vibrations on the floor. Feels good on my full belly!

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