Saturday, November 24, 2007

And Then There's Lucie...

Did you ever have one of those friends? You know the ones I mean. Everyone loves them, and you even like them, but sometimes you hate them because everyone likes them. Well, that's Lucie. She is so cute, everyone loves her. They all pick her up and pet her and want to take her home with them. We play together and wrestle and chase, and have so much fun. But sometimes, she really bugs me. I can never lay on mom's lap, because she is always there. At night, I try to get prime spot on the bed, but NOOOO, Lucie is there first! I mean, why do they let her get away with it??? She isn't as cute as me! She can't run as fast as me! And she has the WORST BREATH in the WORLD! I mean, you would really think that someone died in her mouth! Honestly. I try to help her out, I clean her teeth as often as she will let me, but it is beyond hope! There is just nothing more I can do. Mom even tries to brush her teet, give her milk bones, it's just gross! I put a picture of her for you to judge...what do you think? (Just don't forget to factor in the breath when you vote!)

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