Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sadie, The Old Dog

Time for me to introduce Sadie, the oldest dog in the family. Sadie is around 75 years old (10 in people years). She is quite the goodie two-shoes...she really knows how to get my owners to yell at me and tell her what a good girl she is. She will start pawing at me, and act like she wants to play, and as soon as I start to really get into it, she starts barking and yelling at me. So, of course, they believe her and yell at me too! That is so not fair! :-(

Sadie has a lot of weird habits, too. I don't know why they let her get away with it. Sadie doesn't' seem to like loud noises. Take Thunderstorms, for example. Thunderstorms are the worst. Fireworks rate right up there with Thunderstorms. If she is outside, she runs to the door and just cries to be let in. If she is inside, she will go find something to hide under (like the table in the living room that I can barely get under and she weighs 40 pounds more than me!) She is such a sissy.

Then there is water. I have no clue what she thinks is so great about water. But boy, she absolutely loves it! When the boy splashes in the pool, or someone turns the hose on, she goes nuts. She actually tries to bite the water! What is up with that?

Now let me tell you the weirdest...Sadie likes shadows and shinies. If the sun is out, and someone starts to move, she chases their shadow and tries to catch it! People have so much fun torturing her! After all these years, you would think she would have figured out that she is not going to catch it! As for shinies, forget it. Shinies are those glints you get off something when the sun shines on it. Well, She is like a crack addict! She won't take her eyes off it. She tries to catch it, jump on it, and eat it. What the heck!? Can't she tell they won't taste good!

I guess the best part about Sadie, and yes, I am a little jealous, is the way she plays catch. I have heard stories about her when she was young. She used to play soccer with the boy and the girl when they were younger. She was the best goalie they ever saw. She could fit a soccer ball in her mouth and she even learned to throw it back to them! Now she usually plays with a tennis ball, but she is great at catching! That is something to see!

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