Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Boy, Am I in TROUBLE

Let me start by saying that I was only following Sadie, she is the oldest in the family and I figure if it is OK for her, then it must be OK for me too!
It all started when Mom let us out to play in the snow. She was doing laundry, and we knew we had a few extra minutes before she would make us come in. Now, Sadie doesn't have an Invisible Fence Collar on, I heard Mom and Dad say it was because she knows how to behave and doesn't go far. But Sam, Lucie and I are forced into wearing these torturous devices. So, as usual, Sadie goes off into the woods, just far enough to make sure the squirrels stay up in the tree and don't come over into our bird feeders. Then she looked at the three of us and started teasing and taunting us! Well, we all looked at each other and decided that if we were going to get tortured, may as well make it worth our we all ran for it. Sam told me that if you run fast enough it only hurts for a second or two. He was right! It was so much fun!!! Oh my God, talk about wonderful smells and fun and trees and rocks and sticks! It was like being in heaven, I swear!

...Then Mom figured it out! Oh shit, were we in trouble! I really knew we were in for it because Mom was yelling and clapping her hands and Sam went running, he isn't stupid like Lucie and I are. Once Mom put her boots on, I got so scared I didn't know where to run... So I just sat there until she came over to me and gave me a push in the right direction. Boy was she pissed at us. Lucie went running (never knew she could go that fast), but I passed her by in 2 seconds flat.

I guess I am going to have to sit on the couch, all by myself the rest of the day, Mom still doesn't look happy and I know darn well that she is going to tell Dad on us as soon as he gets home.


Anonymous said...

R'uh r'oh someone is BUSTED!!!

I have no doubt that my dog would totally and completely ignore (endure the torture) of an electric fence. Heck he jumped over a 4 foot fence and scaled a 10 foot (!!!!) wall one time when we had to board him when we were in Florida on business. The boarding facility guy said in all the years he's been doing this, he's never had a dog escape. Leave it to my "special" boy ;-)

Let me tell you, there is NO worse news in the world to receive when you're 2,800 miles from home.

R said...

You would be surprised at how dogs normally "listen" to the fence. They only run when it is really worth it, like for squirrels :-)
Sam has "Escape Artist" on his chart at the vet. Apparently, years ago when we boarded him, no matter what, he climbed over the fence and was constantly found roaming the kennel. So, now they put him in a floor to ceiling kennel. Luckily, my BFF is the manager of the vet/kennel and I knew she would look out for him...I guess they gave up and just kept him near them during the day so he wouldn't get so lonely.

Anonymous said...

and you shoulda seen him last night. he KNEW he was in trouble

Anonymous said...

You know, that's the perfect BFF to have.

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of options when it comes to where I can board my Dog. He likes so few people that I'd be hard pressed to convince most people upon meeting him to "Go ahead...he's just calling your bluff. Oh but don't pet him on the head and/or look him in the eyes." Heh ;-)

Actually I love the place we do take him other than the fact that it's not indoor (the kennels are all raised, covered & heated, but it's still essentially outside). My little (by little I mean big) baby boy is an indoor dog. But the guy who runs it knows the quirkiness of the breed and actually has a couple Malinois of his own so he does pay special attention to my Spaz (lets him hang out in his office when he's conducting dog training, etc.)

Isn't it amazing how they really do read our moods and know when they're BUSTED? ;-)

R said...

Must be I learned something working at vet for 6 years! When I can't stand their attitude, I pin them down, stare them in the eyes and don't let them up till they break eye contact. Of course, Rusty takes the longest to break eye contact! The shephard, the meanest looking of the bunch, doesn't even bother, he and the other dachsund just roll over, show me their bellies and look at me as if to say how sorry they are! LOL Pushovers all of them. All they really want is lots of attentions, don't they? Love them and they will always love you back. :-D