Thursday, February 7, 2008

Being Helpful

I enjoy being helpful. Why, just today, I helped Mom with the work she brought home this afternoon, kept her lap warm and cleaned her face for her...then pressed a few buttons on the laptop. I helped Lucie get some exercise, made sure to chase her a few times around the house while Mom was trying to work. Then I helped Dad clean out the litter box, made sure that there wasn't as much in there so he didn't have to work so hard. I also helped Mom cook dinner, she was able to step on my tail a few times and I made sure to clean up anything she might have spilled on the floor because she tripped over me!!! Now, I am resting for the evening, because I have to make sure that I am awake enough when Mom and Dad go to bed so that they can wake up a few times during the night to take a rest stop if they need to! Boy, I really enjoy being helpful!

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Anonymous said...

what a good boy LOL