Saturday, February 9, 2008

All the Visitors!

Today was fun! I chased Lucie around a few times...she can never outrun me! I took Sam outside for Mom and showed him how to walk across the pond when the ice is thin, I sat with Dad and helped him watch the race, and I cleaned all the ice cubes out of the water bowl so no one hurt their teeth on them. Oh yeah, I also chased all the neighbors away so they didn't keep walking in front of the house!

Boy, I was busy. But I still found the time to keep Katie warm and let her clean my ears. Then we decided that Sadie needed some exercise so I took her ball away and made her chase me around for it.

I have to say, my favorite part is that the girl and her friend are here for a few days. I always love it when there is someone new to give me some extra attention. He seems really nice too, never minds petting me when I jump on his lap and remind him that the way to a dogs heart is through rubbing his ears!!! :-)

And now, the boy has friends over and they are all down the cellar playing rock band. As long as they all pet me before they leave, I am ok with all the extra company!

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