Saturday, March 22, 2008

This is the Life!

Boy, this is the life! It may be cold outside, but laying here, safe and snug inside, the sun feels really great! The only problem is that I have to share the sunshine with all these other animals! I wonder why Dad and Mom don't like to lay here with us? I wouldn't lick their faces, really, I wouldn't...but I can't promise what Sam and Lucie would do. So, I decided to let Katie lay with us. She said she would clean my ears if I let her have Prime Spot in the sunshine! What a deal! I think I got the better of her, but she doesn't realize it. The only problem is that Zach (the tough cat) decided he wants to lay with us too. He is really pushy! How dare he think he can take up some of my sunshine!

Dad took us outside today, it was a lot colder out there than it looked. He cleaned up some of the yard (wouldn't let Sam help!), but got mad at me when I kept warning the neighbors not to come to close! They really should know just how tough I am. I do have a house to protect, you know...

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