Sunday, March 2, 2008

Laying in the Sun

What a nice day out today! We had sunshine, snow on the ground and Dad Snowblowing! It was so relaxing laying in the sun, getting a tan, chasing the cats away so they didn't get a sunburn, good thing I am around to protect them! Then, Dad went outside and snowblowed a path for us to play in! Good thing too, cuz Lucie is a baby and doesn't like to run through the deep snow. I can though, cuz I am bigger than her! I just love playing outside in the snow, everything is clean and white, I can follow the squirrels path better and sometimes the snow is deep enough that we don't get zapped on the invisible fence and I can make it all the way to the woods, although, not today, sadly...but we still had fun out there. Now, Dad and Mom are relaxing and watching the race and life is good, we can all curl up on the couch, snuggle with them and keep warm. My kind of day!


Anonymous said...

Um, Rusty? I see a cat clearly getting a sunburn on your watch. How did that happen? ;-)

R said...

That's Katie. She and I have an understanding. I let her lay in the sun and in return she cleans my ears whenever I want. I got the better part of that deal!