Sunday, December 30, 2007

Today, we had so much fun! It was warm outside, so Dad and I took the rest of my brothers and sisters outside while we cleaned up the yard...I wonder why Sam keeps showing Dad what to clean up?? :-) Poor Sam, all he is trying to do is help pick things up and he keeps on getting yelled at. I thought they wanted the poop out of the yard? I am confused...Anyway, after we cleaned up, it was time for Lucie and I to play! I can outrun that little runt with my ears tied behind my head...slow poke! But she sure is fun to chase!

We also took all the Christmas Decorations down. Good thing I was there to help with that too. Zach was trying to sleep in the stable where the manger belongs, but I made sure he was awake in time for them to carry it down the cellar. Of course, then Zach and Abby both kept on bugging me to chase them, so I figured may as well make them both happy! Ahhh, what a great day!

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