Monday, December 31, 2007

It Snowed Last Night!

WOW, it snowed last night! This is so much fun! I get to make all kinds of new snow tracks! The snow is so deep, it goes all the way up to my ears! And it is so pretty on the trees, I will attach a picture later, so you can all see how pretty it looks out here. It also means that the squirrels and the deer will be around looking for food and that means even more fun for me! I get to chase them...HooRay!

Today is also the boy's birthday. I heard Mom and Dad say he is 17! WOW, isn't that like over 100 in dog years??? He is really old! :-) Happy Birthday TJ!

1 comment:

trophyguy said...

Good thing "dad" shovels and snowblows for you, aint it?