Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer Days!

Yes, I know, It has been a while...yell at my Mom! She does all the typing for me anyway.

So, summer is here, hot, lazy days. Would someone tell my parents that is how it is supposed to be? You aren't supposed to lay 2 cubic yards of mulch in 90+ degree weather! No, that is when you sit in the pool, put your cute, sweet little dog in a tube in there with you, and float around to your heart's content!

But seriously, I love summer, friends stopping in to have a drink, nice, long walks around the yard, Sadie swimming in the pond and digging rocks out (how she does that, I won't even guess!), sitting by a fire in the evening.

Tonight, the boy is having a bonfire with a bunch of friends...another great sign of summer! Lots of people who will want to pet me too! Can't wait!

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