Sunday, June 22, 2008

June is a busy month

WOW! This month is just flying by! Mom and Dad are so busy at work, and with the boy, it seems like they never have time to rub my belly! The boy is busy with end of year stuff at school, and even though the girl is home from college, she seems to be working all the time. No wonder Daddy doesn't like June! I know he would rather be home petting me and throwing the ball. But, I try to understand and to help. I have made sure that they spend extra time with me; I take a RRReeaallYY long time to eat my food, I make sure I stay outside a lot longer than the other dogs, and I wake Dad and Mom up extra early in the morning, just so they can spend more time with me! I sure hope they appreciate it! Pretty soon, it will be July and life will be calmer, and hotter!

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Anonymous said...

Is THAT what Moto is doing?!? I kid you not, he's been waking us up every single.stinking.morning WAAAAY before we need to wake up. It's still dark out, hello?!? But it doesn't make sense because he comes to work with us everyday. Oh wait. I get it. He's just desperate for some time OUTSIDE the shop so he's getting us up before dawn. How thoughtful.

You too Rusty, you're such a good boy ;-)