Sunday, April 6, 2008


I love this weather...we have been outside, playing in the yard, almost all day! Dad is driving around on the 4 wheeler with this big, round thing behind him...heard mom say it was doing a good job flattening out the yard? What does that mean..

Anyway, we went outside to play, and I was yelling at the neighbor kids playing across the street, and Mean Mom put the bark collar on me. WTH!!! Doesn't she know I am the only one who can keep the neighbors in line? They can't keep walking by our house and playing in their yards like they have been. Someone needs to set some limits for them! Boy, she doesn't realize how out of control they are going to get if I can't talk to them.

So, I spent the afternoon laying in the sun on the back deck. Boy, this is a rough life for a dog!

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