Saturday, April 19, 2008


There are changes again! I don't like changes!

Mom and Dad went shopping this morning...came home with a new TV, TV stand and computer desk, then spent three hours putting it all together! Ok, So how do I know which room to lay in? The new TV, or the old? Where Sam is, so we can keep each other warm, or where Lucie is, just because I want to bug her?! I really like the picture on the new TV, but I like the old TV too? I am so confused! But don't you worry, I was right there helping them put everything together...I know they couldn't do it without my help. I read the directions for Dad, and then helped him put it all together. I know, I am such a good Dog!
You know what really bothered me the most? They didn't bring anything home for me! Can you believe it? They even bought Blue Bird Houses, But Nothing For ME! Do they like the birds better than they like me?

The weather is so warm today, I heard Dad say it reached 84! Summer must be here! Talk about a beautiful day to spend outside? It was wonderful!

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Anonymous said...

I have an 81 lb "lap dog" sitting on me as I type this so forgive me for any typos....I'm 99% sure they love any and ALL tasks that we undertake together. If the Dog notices the Hubs and I together, hunched over anything (most likely electric given the Hubs interests) the Dog is *RIGHT* there with his fat (not really fat, but large because he's big) head, butting in.

It's just natural. Now Rusty, get the remote when they go to bed. Then you're set, dude ;-)