Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer Days!

Yes, I know, It has been a while...yell at my Mom! She does all the typing for me anyway.

So, summer is here, hot, lazy days. Would someone tell my parents that is how it is supposed to be? You aren't supposed to lay 2 cubic yards of mulch in 90+ degree weather! No, that is when you sit in the pool, put your cute, sweet little dog in a tube in there with you, and float around to your heart's content!

But seriously, I love summer, friends stopping in to have a drink, nice, long walks around the yard, Sadie swimming in the pond and digging rocks out (how she does that, I won't even guess!), sitting by a fire in the evening.

Tonight, the boy is having a bonfire with a bunch of friends...another great sign of summer! Lots of people who will want to pet me too! Can't wait!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

June is a busy month

WOW! This month is just flying by! Mom and Dad are so busy at work, and with the boy, it seems like they never have time to rub my belly! The boy is busy with end of year stuff at school, and even though the girl is home from college, she seems to be working all the time. No wonder Daddy doesn't like June! I know he would rather be home petting me and throwing the ball. But, I try to understand and to help. I have made sure that they spend extra time with me; I take a RRReeaallYY long time to eat my food, I make sure I stay outside a lot longer than the other dogs, and I wake Dad and Mom up extra early in the morning, just so they can spend more time with me! I sure hope they appreciate it! Pretty soon, it will be July and life will be calmer, and hotter!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

When is this hot weather going to end?!

It is so hot! I can't stand it! I usually like to cuddle with Mom and Dad, or under the covers, but the past couple of days, I AM HOT! What is it? Am I am going to turn 2 this year, maybe I am getting old? Anyway, It is so hard to stay cool right now! I am sweating, I heard Mom and Dad say it was 93 degrees yesterday, and today was even hotter. I don't like it this hot, Lucie doesn't want to play, Sam doesn't want to play, Sadie is grumpy and I don't even want to play. When is this hot weather going to end!?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Slippery Floors!

They put in new floors and they ar making my life difficult. I can't seem to get a grip on them. I will be chasing Oreo or Abbie and when I hit that floor, I go flying! I need to learn how to use that to my advantage! I am sure I will figure it out. But it does make it difficult to jump up onto our beds (I mean couches). Guess Mom and Dad are going to have to listen to us whine until they pick us up. They are very slow to train, but Lucie and I are working on them!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Prom Night

Last night was Prom Night. There were all these pretty girls here, and everyone loved me! (Of Course!) I am so glad the boy has nice friends. They all came in and couldn't wait to pet me and let me sit on their laps! One of the girls just kept coming back for more! She was my favorite! But, the kids were so much fun. Even the guys were great! They played music and video games and had lots of fun together. The girl had her talkative friend come over too. I like listening to them talk, they go nonstop and are a blast! I hope there is a prom next weekend too, I just love having all the company!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


See the thinks I have to put up with. Boy, living with cats isn't easy. Katie had the nerve to lay on MY couch! Can you believe it? Then, when I asked her to move, she just layed there! So I climbed up and laid down to stake my claim and then, of all things, she started cleaning me! Good thing my brothers weren't looking! I wouldn't be able to live it down. But, I have to admit, it felt kind of nice to get my ears cleaned. Just don't tell anyone!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


There are changes again! I don't like changes!

Mom and Dad went shopping this morning...came home with a new TV, TV stand and computer desk, then spent three hours putting it all together! Ok, So how do I know which room to lay in? The new TV, or the old? Where Sam is, so we can keep each other warm, or where Lucie is, just because I want to bug her?! I really like the picture on the new TV, but I like the old TV too? I am so confused! But don't you worry, I was right there helping them put everything together...I know they couldn't do it without my help. I read the directions for Dad, and then helped him put it all together. I know, I am such a good Dog!
You know what really bothered me the most? They didn't bring anything home for me! Can you believe it? They even bought Blue Bird Houses, But Nothing For ME! Do they like the birds better than they like me?

The weather is so warm today, I heard Dad say it reached 84! Summer must be here! Talk about a beautiful day to spend outside? It was wonderful!